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Berry Mudslide Soap

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Creamy soap made with detoxifying bamboo charcoal bar, clarifying bentonite clay & cleansing ground beet root. Beet root has excellent natural cleansing properties and is very nourishing and detoxifying to the skin. It is very beneficial to acne or blemish prone skin and helps kill bacteria that causes acne. The absorptive nature of the charcoal & clay pull impurities from the skin and gently exfoliate. Great bar for use on the face, body or as a shampoo. The bar is scented with hints of juicy peach, cherry blossom, white jasmine & tamarind. Great for the entire body or as a gentle clarifying shampoo bar.


  • Bamboo charcoal to detoxify, balance oil production, minimize pores & firm skin
  • Ground beet root for deep cleansing
  • Raw shea butter to nourish and tone complexion
  • Vegan

5-5.5 oz bar

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