Bubblegum Yum Smile Butter

Bubblegum Yum Smile Butter

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Our Smile Butter is made from a very mild coconut & olive oil soap. They produce a very pleasing frothy lather that thoroughly cleans your teeth & gums. You actually get a squeaky clean feeling every time you brush.


  • Smile Butters do not contain any sulfates, added glycerin, silicones, fluorides or preservatives. 
  • Very little soapy taste, and even children will enjoy using the butters. 
  • We only use wild crafted essential oils & phthalates free flavor oils so you are getting the most therapeutic benefits
  • Available in several delicious flavors
  • Vegan
  • One tin lasts 6-12 with normal use

How to use: Wet your toothbrush and swirl it a couple of times on the surface of the Smile Butter & brush as usual. The soap produces lots of yummy tingly lather from hardly any product.


Most commercial toothpaste contains harsh abrasives that inhibit your teeth’s natural ability to re-mineralize. Yes, that’s right teeth can in fact remineralize! If your teeth are actually clean they are able to absorb dissolved minerals from your saliva (if at a neutral pH of 7.0-7.5) and remineralize. Most toothpaste also contains glycerin which coats your teeth, preventing them from being able to absorb those minerals. Plus, almost all toothpaste contains fluoride.

Now, we know you've been told forever how fluoride is so good for your teeth, however, this is not true. Fluoride is highly toxic, and was actually used as an insecticide & rat poisoning before it was used in toothpaste. Thanks to the whole era of chemicals for daily living, yes the same people that also advertised smoking to soothe sore throats. Fluoride is a pollutant - a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing.

Bottom line your body doesn't need fluoride, you’ll never ever be diagnosed with a “fluoride deficiency” and statistically fluoride does not prevent dental decay. It is in fact a toxic substance. Think about it, why else would the U.S. government require a statutory warning on toothpaste labels that advises you to immediately contact a poison control center if accidentally ingested?

1 oz tin

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, mango butter, shea butter & olive oil, stearic acid, coconut milk, Sorbitol, flavor and essential oil, Stevia 

4 Stars
Stay at home mom
I love all of the smile butters but this particular one was purchased for my 2 year old and she loves it. She wants to brush her teeth all of the time now and as a mother, I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals entering my child's system.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Suitland, Maryland. on 1/3/2017
5 Stars
Better than toothpaste!
I've been using this for almost a month now & I have to say, it's fantastic! I decided to stop using my fluoride-ridden toothpaste & try this instead. It smells great & lathers really well. It does a really great job of keeping my mouth clean without having aby harmful chemicals! So happy I bought this!
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA. on 10/8/2014

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