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Butter Scrub Bar

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This bar was designed to tone and even the complexion of darker rough patches on the body, such as knees & elbows. Also works GREAT as a foot bar to soften skin as well as balance odor. Organic locally grown luffa and fair trade organic coffee grounds are swirled in the bar for an exfoliating treatment as well aid to reduce the appearance of cellulite and energize your skin.  Recommended to use the bar on dark areas minimum 3 times a week for optimal results.


  • Fair trade Sumatra coffee to energize & remover odors (great foot bar!)
  • Organic luffa to exfoliate
  • Raw cacao to tone skin
  • Luxurious Hazelnut oil for antioxidants & healing
  • Coffee butter, shea butter & cocoa butter to soften & even complexion
  • Various exfoliants depending on the bar

4oz bar

ingredients: saponified oils of soybean,coconut, rice bran, olive, shea butter & castor, cocoa butter, coffee butter, hazelnut oil, sumatra coffee, coffee grounds, luffa,cocoa 

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