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Butter Silk Elixir

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Silkening creamy elixir packed with organic Cocoa Butter that slides across your hair, but rinses cleanly leaving it amazingly soft. Shea Butter & avocado oil can penetrate and nourish the ends of your hair as well as the scalp. Slippery Marshmallow Root for detangling, organic unrefined Coconut Oil for a brilliant shine & seals in moisture, helps slows hair loss, stimulate growth, prevent breakage & split ends. A mix of cleansing botanicals like stinging nettle, lemongrass & rosemary help nourish and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Directions Scoop a generous handful and massage on dry hair. Carefully detangle hair if necessary. You may leave the elixir on hair for several hours to pre-poo. When ready to cleanse, apply water and rub creating a cleansing lotion. Rinse excess with cool water.


  • Marshmallow root to detangle & condition
  • Shea butter & cocoa butter to nourish
  • Botanical blend to promote growth
  • Antimicrobial unrefined coconut oil
  • Vegan

8 fl oz 

*Advisory for whipped, creamed & butter bar products: All of our products are priced by their weight, not their volume, and in some instances products that are whipped may settle or melt during shipping, depending on the time of year. If your product arrives melted please use the contact us form for instructions to re-fluff your product. Expedited shipping is also available on request. For products that are whipped, some settling may occur and the jar may not appear completely filled when you receive it, however, the weigh of the product is the same. Products will not be replaced for melting during hot months, so please order at your discretion*

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