Goat's Milk Bars

Goat’s milk is a possibly one of the oldest secrets to fabulous skincare. Cleopatra credited her beauty & youth to bathing in milk, and for very good reason. Lactic acid, found in milk, is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which are great for dry skin. AHA's digest the older cells on the surface of the skin that make it appear dull. This process of exfoliation increases the skin's healthy cell turnover.

Goat's milk is an exceptional moisturizer to the skin due abundant fat molecules. The fatty acid chains in goat's milk (capric, caprylic & caproic) are small and easily absorbed by our skin. The protein strands are also short, making them easily absorbed and help increase the elasticity of your skin.

 Lastly, goat’s milk is also a rich source of vitamins & minerals that are essential to healthy skin. The pH of goat's milk is very close to skin's natural pH, keeping it balanced and stabilized.All the bars in this category boast these amazing skin benefits.