Honey Buttermilk Sugar Face Kit

Honey Buttermilk Sugar Face Kit

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This kit is designed for dry and blemish prone skin. The highlight ingredients are antioxidant rich and nourishing. This set is perfect for anti-aging, normal oiliness, and is a complete routine to help transform your skin.

It is very common to experience breakouts and blemishes when you begin any new detoxifying regimen. This is actually a sign of it working. As the products remove excess oils and toxins from your skin, they are excreted through your pores, and can take form of pimples. Don’t give up! Stick with the routine for at least 4 weeks and you can see amazing results and truly healthy skin.

Everything you need for clear healthy skin. Follow this simple routine for best results. 
1. Cleanse with the Oatmeal & Cream Soap in the morning to recharge and refresh your skin.
2. Tone with the Honey Buttermilk Botanical Toner to help remove any residue & prepare your skin for treatments.
3. Moisturize with the Honey Buttermilk Toning Moisturizer to hydrate your skin and provide a brightening complex.

1. Cleanse with Hawaiian Volcano Soap to detoxify and remove everything from your day.
2. Tone with the Honey Buttermilk
3. Moisturize with the Jasmine & Monoi Melt to heal your skin and encourage healthy cell turnover at night, when your body is naturally in repair mode.
4. Spot treat any blemishes with a pin size amount of Licorice Face Fluff to help lighten discoloration.

*Use the Mocha Mimosa Blemish Corrector Bar on any acne or blemish scars to help exfoliate and brighten them.
*Exfoliate with the Black Lemon Sugar Face Polish 3 times a week to resurface and smooth skin.
*Detoxify with the Black Rose Mask once a week to help help and remove impurities.

Face Kit Contents:
*Hawaiian Volcano Soap 2.75 oz
*Oatmeal & Cream Soap 2.75oz
*Honey Buttermilk Botanical Toner 4 fl oz
*Honey Buttermilk Toning Moisturizer 2 fl oz
*Jasmine & Monoi Melt 1 fl oz
*Mocha Mimosa Blemish Corrector Bar
*Black Lemon Sugar Face Polish 2 fl oz
*Black Rose Clay Mask 1 oz
*Licorice Face Fluff 10 ml
*Microfiber Cleansing Cloth

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