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Orange Honey Marmalade

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Our marmalade is the perfect natural replacement for a multi-use jelly. Made with cold pressed castor oil, shea butter and a rich blend of oils, this marmalade give the perfect hold for twisting, twirling, defining & taming. 
  • Infused with botanicals for a healthy scalp 
  • Adds lots of extra shine & protection 
  • Cocoa Butter seals in moisture, nourishes & heals
  • Olive oil helps improves the hair strand's elasticity. 
  • Clove has anti-fungal benefits for a healthy scalp
  • Burdock root helps stimulates blood flow to the scalp (especially helpful around edges)
  • Orange essential oil is to help regulate the scalps production of its natural sebum. 
The marmalade is thick enough to provide a protective layer on skin, and can be used for intense moisture on dry cracked heels and elbows.

Directions: Apply pomade on edges of the hairline to tame them. Can be used to add definition to spiked short styles and to ends of hair to further protect from breakage. Apply to wet or dry hair as a final finishing aid. Also great to moisturize dry skin such as feet, knees, elbows, or cuticles.

8 fl oz

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