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Pink Lemonade Blemish Correcting Face Fluff

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This face fluff has a powerful punch in a small size. The perfect product to help fade dark spots without the harsh chemicals you find in the stores that often make your skin darker. 

  • Uva Ursi, a natural source of arbutin and is a melanin inhibitor. This plant derived extract prevents skin from darkening and effectively reduces existing dark spots-
  • Licorice root, used to sooth irritation and calm inflammation. 
  • Licorice root has powerful antioxidants glycosides, flavonoids & saponins, and naturally brightens your skin fading dark spots. We use just under the FDA approved amount making the face fluff a VERY effective lightening cream. 
  • Grapefruit & Lemon extract to help brighten
  • Organic raw shea butter, a known skin toning butter, also a natural sunscreen
  • Rice bran oil which is pH balanced and mimics skin's natural sebum, so even those with oily skin can use and it won't clog pores
  • Lemon Bioferment potent blemish fading-Patented fruit AHA blend to lighten & fade dark spots and act on the tyrosinase-inhibiting mechanism involved in melanin biosynthesis
Use Licorice Face Fluff in the evenings to allow a full 8hrs to work. Apply as a spot treatment or where extra moisture is needed during the day. The fluff can be applied to the entire face as it reduced hyper-pigmentation and will balance, not fade your normal skin tone. 

 1fl oz jar

*Advisory for whipped, creamed & butter bar products: All of our products are priced by their weight, not their volume, and in some instances products that are whipped may settle or melt during shipping, depending on the time of year. If your product arrives melted please use the contact us form for instructions to re-fluff your product. Expedited shipping is also available on request. For products that are whipped, some settling may occur and the jar may not appear completely filled when you receive it, however, the weigh of the product is the same. Products will not be replaced for melting during hot months, so please order at your discretion*

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