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Pink Lemonade Moisture Milk

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Silky smooth light moisturizer for your face made from grapeseed oil, this milk gives oily/combo skin just enough moisture to fight the elements with out being heavy or clogging pores. Our toning milks have been reformulated to a light milky consistency to  act more like a serum, allowing quicker absorption in the skin, better distribution of the nutrients and more toning. The thinner consistency also allows use of less product.

Cleansing without moisturizing will leave your face feeling tight and dry afterwards. Using a NATURAL oil makes skin very soft and glowing. Moisturizers don't just hydrate & keep your skin smooth, they also protect it from the elements, sun damage & dirt. No matter your skin type, be sure to moisturize. Dirt & toxins do bind to natural oils so when you first use you may get a few blackheads, but these are actually good as it is pulling the gross from WITHIN your face, essentially cleaning it and clearing your skin.

  • Grapeseed Oil is FULL of antioxidants for your skin, keeping it looking young & elastic.
  • Mimics your skin's natural oil very closely to help minimize breakouts. 
  • Litsea essential oil fights acne & naturally brightens your complexion. 
  • Organic raw shea butter minimizes dark spots or acne scarring.
  • The antiseptic properties of the litsea keep any problem causing bacteria from producing acne.
  • Witch hazel refreshes your face, shrinks pores (big oily skin necessity!) and balances. 

4 fl oz

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