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Raspberry Cream

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Creamy unscented fruit bar to help soften skin & hair. Raspberries are a potent antioxidants and help fight damage from the elements. Coconut milk & coconut oil are a fabulous for dandruff, help strengthen the hair and reduce protein loss during washing. Rice flour is very beneficial for thinning hair because it contains so many nutrients your hair thrives on; vitamins E, B1, B3, B6, folacin & potassium, as well as key minerals to promote growth. Organic apple cider vinegar balances the pH on your scalp, aid's in removing excess product buildup and seal's the hair cuticle, as closed hair cuticles results in better curl definition.  Organic raw shea butter intensely moisturizes the hair & scalp, leaving your hair shiny, healthy & moisturized. 


  • Unscented and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Organic anti-oxidant rich fresh raspberries
  • Nourishing butters
  • Astringent apple cider vinegar

5-5.5oz bar

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