Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly more popular in the world or natural body care, as people are starting to realize the harmful effects detergents have on our body and hair. Commercial shampoos use sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) to clean the hair, which are very harmful to maintaining a healthy balance. These SLS’s strip hair of its natural oils, making it weaker and lackluster. Most shampoo makers add in other ingredients to go back and protect the hair, but why use them in the first place?

Our bars are made with lush oils and butters, botanicals, fruits, milks, and extracts to nourish the hair and scalp. The bars make a creamy lather in the hair, gently cleanse product buildup, dead cells and excess oils without stripping and are safe for color treated hair. Your hair won’t feel starved for conditioner the second the shampoo is rinsed away. Instead, it will feel amazingly soft, like silk. All our shampoo bars can be used on the body as well.

To use: Get hair soaking wet, and rub the bar through hair. Massage the bar on the scalp creating lather, and work this lather down the hair shaft massaging the scalp (also stimulating blood circulation). Rinse hair with warm water & repeat the process. Do not attempt to pile hair on the top of your hair and lather like commercial shampoos, as this may cause tangles. Working in sections until you have cleansed your hair.
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