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The Nosh Box

The Nosh Box

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Price: $22.00
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intr.v. noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es
To eat a snack or light meal

Now, we don't want you to eat this,but we can guarantee the box will be appetizing enough
to make you want to take a bite...or several

The Nosh Box is an exclusive sampler box custom crafted for the true handmade soap connoisseur. The collection will contain 6 snack sized portions of artisan soap, perfect for noshing all month. 1 lb of yummy, deliciousness with a bar for face, hair & body in every box.

We invite you to indulge with the
Fall Flavors Nosh Box 

Listen. We LOOOOOVE fall over here!???? We don't know if it's the way the trees whisper to you or all the yummy desserts that start showing up, but fall is lit?? Cranberry Cookie, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Brown Butter Toffee, Sweet Potato & Marshmallow, Peach Cobbler...which of our seasonal soaps are your favs? Can't decide? Don't then! Each soap in the box will be crafted after family favorite holiday desserts to drench you with skin loving goodness you can indulge in guilt free.While we take pride in every single bar we craft, The Nosh Box is designed to include more luxurious oils & butters, silk proteins, upscale ingredients & boutique fragrances. Bars you may not have thought to try on your own.

Here's what you can expect:
  • 6 Snack sized bars approximately 2.25 oz each
  • Luxurious oils & butters to nourish the hair & skin
  • Innovative natural & organic additives and mix-ins for a unique cleansing experience
  • A bar designed for your face, for body and for skin that are multipurpose
  • Unisex selections
*Pictured above is a prototype and example of what to expect, not the actual month's selections

PLEASE NOTE: ANY ITEMS PURCHASED WITH THE NOSH BOX WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE BOX'S RELEASE DATE! Nosh Boxes are automatically filtered in our ordering system and we will not see your order for fulfillment until the date the boxes are scheduled to ship. You can purchase multiple boxes on the same order, however, if you would like to purchase any product from our shop we ask you make a separate order from your Nosh Box so there will not be any delay in shipping those items.All soap will be natural & mainly organic, the standard you have come to expect from Cream & Coco. The Nosh Box is not a subscription box. While we will try our best to offer them every month, they are not guaranteed, and once they sell out for the current month we will be unable to open more orders until the following month. Since it is not a subscription, you will need to purchase your box every month you would like one. Coupon codes are not applicable to the Nosh box unless stated otherwise.

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